Interview booklet – Becoming the path itself…(The dreams of exiled souls…) order details –

We met during the endless post-referendum rain. Both of us increasingly hemmed in by a workplace where creative communication was virtually impossible. Stolen, fragmentary conversations revealed parallel paths, a shared, if faded, belief in some form of psychogeography as a way through the creeping inertia… Julian Hyde on the origins of Boundary Songs: Notes fromContinue reading “Interview booklet – Becoming the path itself…(The dreams of exiled souls…) order details –”

Boundary Songs exhibition – Last Few Days!

“Really original perspectives on what is all around but rarely ‘seen’. Fabulous light and shadows intertwined… “Such a refreshing view of the UK, England, Life right now! (recent comments from the visitors book) The Boundary Songs exhibition at Cross Lane Projects, Kendal is now into its final few days (ending on Friday 23rd October 2020).Continue reading “Boundary Songs exhibition – Last Few Days!”

Boundary Songs – Private View – FREE ticket details…

It’s just two weeks to go until the opening of the Boundary Songs exhibition at Cross Lane Projects gallery in Kendal. Join us on Friday 9th October between 6pm – 8pm for a special exhibition preview with music (including a DJ set from Julian Hyde) and the odd tipple! The event is FREE, but we’reContinue reading “Boundary Songs – Private View – FREE ticket details…”

Caught by the River x AERIAL Festival – exclusive film details…

After the cancellation of the physical Aerial Festival — due to have taken place in March, an online version of the event will go live from 26th September. We are pleased to announce a new unseen short film from the Boundary Songs project, ‘The Drift’ by David Banning – will be made available as anContinue reading “Caught by the River x AERIAL Festival – exclusive film details…”

Little Toller ‘The Clearing’ excerpt & Post-Punk mix-tape…

Award winning Dorset based publisher Little Toller have just published an excerpt from our new Boundary Songs book by David Banning on their excellent online journal, The Clearing. Click here to read Shap – Plumgarths…a song scattering a trail of columns and façades throughout the north of England. We thought we’d mark the publication ofContinue reading “Little Toller ‘The Clearing’ excerpt & Post-Punk mix-tape…”

Boundary Songs – Cross Lane Projects exhibition details…

“A modern picaresque journey into the past, present and future of the Lakes…” (Philip Hoare, author of ‘RISINGTIDEFALLINGSTAR’) Chroma Editions are delighted to present a collaborative show at Cross Lane Projects gallery in Kendal by David Banning, Iain Sharpe and Julian Hyde. The exhibition is the companion piece to a new book, Boundary Songs: NotesContinue reading “Boundary Songs – Cross Lane Projects exhibition details…”

PRE ORDER details for Boundary Songs

You can now PRE ORDER Boundary Songs: Notes from the edge of the Lake District National Park through the excellent Sam Read bookshop in Grasmere. Please click here to place your order. (Publication day is set for Tuesday 15th September 2020).