Cover Image & PRE-ORDER Details

Iain Sharpe – Pen & Ink drawing, 2021.

Here is a first proper look at Glasgow based Iain Sharpe’s fantastic pen and ink drawing that will soon adorn the covers of our forthcoming title, ‘From Tarmac to Towpath: Excursions into Lockdown‘. A scene no doubt familiar to many locals who regularly walk the towpath of the Lancaster Canal at Hest Bank, passing by all sorts of bizarre and witty wonders from the dummies found on display there. During lockdown they always initiated typically strange and eccentric allusions, colouring walks with a strong flavour of theatre. An astonishing stage setting that provides the perfect platform for the opening scene of our second publication…

  • Click here to PRE ORDER
  • Published 27.05.21
  • Hardback Edition in Full colour
  • 112 pages
  • Price: £15.99 (All sales royalties will be donated to local foodbanks)

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