New Film Premiere Details…

David Banning – From Tarmac to Towpath

Upcoming Premiere! Watch and chat live with other viewers as this upload is shown for the very first time here and on YouTube. ‘From Tarmac to Towpath’ a short film by David Banning will premiere on Wednesday 28th April at 7.00pm.

The film features a series of excursions filmed around Lancaster and Morecambe in Lancashire, England between January and February 2021. It is a companion piece to the forthcoming book ‘From Tarmac to Towpath: Excursions into Lockdown set to be published on 27th May 2021 by Chroma Editions, which features 13 writers and artists responding to lockdown in their own territories – using fragmentary texts, short stories, photographs, drawings and collage… Stunned side streets and somnolent houses evoked by Graham Greene as, ”the unfamiliar shadows of half things, broken things, former things.”

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