Interview booklet – Becoming the path itself…(The dreams of exiled souls…) order details –

We met during the endless post-referendum rain. Both of us increasingly hemmed in by a workplace where creative communication was virtually impossible. Stolen, fragmentary conversations revealed parallel paths, a shared, if faded, belief in some form of psychogeography as a way through the creeping inertia…

Julian Hyde on the origins of Boundary Songs: Notes from the edge of the Lake District National Park

This limited edition booklet is an intimate exchange between the artists/authors Julian Hyde and David Banning. An engaging discussion unfolds on various themes involved with the origins and methods during the creation of the Boundary Songs book. Featuring a sleek, eloquent design and layout by Neil Jackson of Post-Nearly Press, alongside drawings by Iain Sharpe, it is a perfect companion piece to the book.

‘Becoming the path itself…(The dreams of exiled souls…)‘ – priced at £6.00 (including postage) a 24 page full colour booklet interweaves text and photography throughout…

To place an order, please email:

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